The Chabad Gilbert Jewish Center aims to
Chabad-Lubavitch is the world’s largest Jewish educational and outreach
organization. A vibrant force in Jewish life, its activities touch the lives of
millions of Jews. With approximately 4,200 centers and institutions
worldwide, there is not a major city in the world that does not have a
permanent Chabad-Lubavitch presence.  Chabad intends to be the pioneers
who will bring Judaism to Jews wherever they may be. 
The name ‘Chabad’ is an acronym of the Hebrew words wisdom, understanding and knowledge. It is the
mission of Chabad to deliver the beauty of Judaism to every Jew in a meaningful way that he or she can
relate to it in his or her own understanding and personal life.
‘Lubavitch’ is the name of a small town in White-Russia which was the seat of the Chabad movement for
several generations. The name derives from the Russian words meaning, “city of brotherly love.”
The Lubavitch philosophy is based on unconditional love and acceptance
of all people, and recognition of the uniqueness of each individual.
Through its educational, social and religious services, Chabad-Lubavitch
is committed to enriching the lives of as many Jews as possible.
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