Jewish Women's Circle Calendar of Events


September 25

Rosh Hashana

Honey, It’s In The Mail

Whip up the perfect, moist honey cake that deserves its spot on the Rosh Hashanah table.  Keep one for yourself and wrap another to be shipped as a Shanah Tovah gift to your BEEloved family member or friend.  Assemble and enjoy your own personal salad at our salad bar featuring symbolic Rosh Hashana foods.


December 1


Oy-So-Cute Craft Night

Follow step by step directions to craft a Pinterest-worthy sign to adorn your home over Chanukah.  Nosh on gourmet cheeses and pairings and learn this dairy food’s role in the Chanukah tale.


February 12


Hike & Picnic

Come along on an energizing hike as we celebrate the New Year of the Trees.   Indulge in a scrumptious picnic surrounded by nature.


March 7th


Fit For a Queen

Did Esther, the Jewish Queen feel at home in a Persian palace? Learn from a professional interior designer how to make your house look like a palace and feel like a home.


May 18th

Culminate the year on a wonderful note at our JWC Reception celebrating you, the Jewish woman!