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Wednesdays, Beginning on November 4th

7:30pm - 8:30pm

10 Class Course Given by Rabbi Shimi

All classes held at 4475 E. Carriage Way

No class on November 25th & December 9th
Class Titles:

1. The Mysticism of Meat-eaters
Were Humans Meant To Eat Meat?

2. Name Changers Are Game Changers
How our Names Shape Our Lives

3. Chanukah: The Social Animal
Why We Live The Way We Do

4. Taking One for the Team
Why Lot's Daughter Admitted Their Incest

5. Know Thy Self
Self Awareness is the Genesis of All Healing

6. The Entitlement Disease
The Challenge of Generation I

7. Bar Mitzvah Lessons
What We Can Learn From Three Bar Mitzvahs In History

8. Bragging is Beautiful
Why and When it is Okay to Boast

9. Wipe Away Those Tears
When To Cry and When Not

10. The Burial of the Raven
A Lesson in Confronting Evil